About People

Principle Partner Contacts
Name Institution
Neville Clark Texas A&M AgriLife Research
Jennie Barron International Water Management Institute
Ringler Claudia International Food Policy Research Institute
Michael Blummel International Livestock Research Institute
Manuel Reyes North Carolina A&T State University
Texas A&M AgriLife Research
Name Title
James Richardson Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics
Raghavan Srinivasan Professor, Departments of Ecosystem Science and Management and Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Brian Herbst Research Associate, Department of Agricultural Economics
Thomas Gerik Resident Director, Temple Research and Extension Center
Jimmy Williams Senior Research Scientist, Temple Research and Extension Center
Jean Claude Bizimana Research Scientist
Yihun Dile Post Doctoral Fellow
Hank Fitzhugh Independent Consultant and Researcher; Senior Borlaug Fellow
Abeyou Worqlul Post Doctoral Fellow
Javier Osorio Research Scientist
Jaehak Jeong Senior Research Scientist, Temple Research and Extension Center
International Food Policy Research Institute
Name Title
Hua Xie Research Fellow
Liang You Senior Research Fellow
Ulrike Wood-Sichara Research Analyst
Dawit Mekonnen Post-Doctoral Fellow
Elizabeth Bryan Senior Research Analyst
Weston Anderson Senior Research Assistant
Quinn Bernier Research Analyst
Ruth Meinzen-Dick Senior Research Fellow
Laia Domenech Visiting research fellow
Sophie Theis Research Analyst
Timothy Johnson Senior Research Assistant
International Livestock Research Institute
Name Title
Berhanu Gebremedhin Economist
Aberra Adie Senior Research Assistant
Ben Lukuyu Feeds Specialist
Augustine Ayantunde Feeds Specialist
International Water Management Institute
Name Title
Nicole Lefore International Researcher
Gebrehawaria Gebreegziabher Senior Regional Researcher
Petra Schmitter International Researcher
Davie Kadyampakeni International Researcher
Meredith Giordano Principle Researcher
Prossie Nakawuka Post-Doctoral fellow
Amare H. Selassie NRM Scientist
North Carolina A&T State University
Name Title
Manoj Jha Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Joshua Idassi Natural Resources Extension Specialist, North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Tewodros Assefa Ph.D. student, Energy and Environmental Systems
Mariana McKim M.S. student, Agricultural Education
n-clarke@tamu.edu, j.barron@cgiar.org, c.ringler@cgiar.org, m.blummel@cgiar.org, reyes@ncat.edu, jwrichardson@tamu.edu, r-srinivassan@tamu.edu, herbst@tamu.edu, t-gerik@tamu.edu, jwilliams@brc.tamus.edu, jbizimana@afpc.tamu.edu, yihundile@tamu.edu, hafitzhugh@ag.tamu.edu, aworqlul@brc.tamus.edu, josorio@brc.tamus.edu, jwilliams@brc.tamus.edu, h.xie@cgiar.org, l.you@cgiar.org, u.wood-sichra@cgiar.org, d.mekonnen@cgiar.org, e.bryan@cgiar.org, w.anderson@cgiar.org, q.bernier@cgiar.org, r.meinzen-dick@cgiar.org, l.domenech@cgiar.org, S.Theis@cgiar.org, , b.gebremedhin@cgiar.org, a.adie@cgiar.org, b.lukuyu@cgiar.org, a.ayantunde@cgiar.org, N.Lefore@cgiar.org, g.gebreegziabher@cgiar.org, p.schmitter@cgiar.org, d.kadyampakeni@cgiar.org, m.giordano@cgiar.org, p.nakawuka@cgiar.org, a.selassie@cgiar.org, mkjha@ncat.edu , joidassi@ncat.edu , tassefa@aggies.ncat.edu , mamckim@aggies.ncat.edu ,