References References Mid Term Report

Field Book For Collection of Agronomic Practices

Sampling Strategies of ILSSI Baseline Surveys and Key Modules

ILSSI/IFPRI Study on Irrigation, Gender, and Nutrition: Ethiopia Household Questionnaire

Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index Questionnaire 

Interview instruments for micro finance research protocol

Survey on socio -economic and credit service for small scale irrigation (SSI) - Household questionnaire

Focus group discussion with irrigated fodder farmers

Instructions for Implementation of FGDs in Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania

ILSSI approach to gender as a cross cutting issue

Focus group discussion guidance 

Field level pilot interventions in small-scale irrigation and agricultural water management 

Rainfall Run Off  Process in the Upper Blue Nile Basin: The Case of the Dangishta Watershed 

Insights and Opportunities from New Field Studies with Small-scale Irrigation in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Ghana

Agricultural Water Management under Small Holder Irrigated Farms and its Impact on Soil fertility and Nutrient Management

ILSSI Report: Financial Literacy Training's 

ILSSI Ethiopia: Technology Loan Repayment in Amhara Region

Issues with irrigation technologies and credit arrangements - in Jawe and Upper Ghana 

Ghana - Report on Farmers Forum at the end of the end of the Harvesting season 

North Carolina A&T Midterm Report

Assessment of Livestock Production and Feed Resources at Robit Bata, Bahir Dar Zuria, Ethiopia

Assessment of existing and potential feed resources for livestock production in the Northern Ghana

Report of Feed Assessment for Rudewa Village - Kilosa District

Report of Feast Assessment in Babati District Manyara Region

Assessment of livestock Production and Feed Resources at Kerekicho

 Field Level Pilot Interventions in Small Scale: Fodder Cultivation 

Rainfed Fodder Production Northern and Upper East Regions of Ghana

Irrigated Fodder Production in Northern Ghana

Fact Sheet - Feed The Future Innovation Lab for Small Scale Irrigation

Fact Sheet Tanzania

Fact Sheet Ghana 

Fact Sheet Ethiopia 

The cross regional comparison of FEAST results in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana

Improving  irrigation access to combat food insecurity and undernutrition : A review

Small Scale Irrigation Technologies and Agricultural Water Management Practices: Analyzing nutrition, health and gender outcomes