The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Small-Scale Irrigation is a five-year project that aims to benefit farmers of Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania by improving effective use of scarce water supplies through interventions in small-scale irrigation. It is a part of the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future Initiative.

The four major project components

  • identifying promising, context-appropriate, small-scale irrigation interventions, management, and practices for poverty reduction and improved nutrition outcomes;
  • evaluating production, environmental, economic, nutritional, and gender impacts, trade-offs, and synergies of small-scale irrigation technologies and practices;
  • identifying key constraints and opportunities to improve access to small-scale irrigation technologies and practices; and
  • capacity development and stakeholder engagement.


To accomplish these objectives, we are addressing: possible biophysical, infrastructure, economic, and societal constraints; location-specific natural resources, societal constraints, and needs of women and men; and impacts on food production, agricultural input requirements, societal constraints, and impacts on land and water resources.

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