Basic Statistics:

  • Population- 46,218,500 people
  • Per capita income- $1,360
  • Life expectancy at birth (women/men)- 57/56 years
  • Top cause of death: Cancer


One of the nation’s major problems is soil degradation due to recent droughts. Fortunately, the country is abundant in land and water resources for people. Some of the agricultural steps are to improve the chronic malnutrition through the Global Health Initiative.

Government: Two-Part Parliament

The government is hoping to build public and private capacity for a more secure and accountable democratic government.
Feed the Future Emphasis: Focuses on rice, maize and horticulture within the Southern Growth Corridor They are hoping to increase private sector investment and trade.


Tanzania is one of the leading producers of sisal in Africa. However, the country also produces: corn, millet, rice, sorghum, pulses, coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, cloves, sugar, tea, pyrethrum and tobacco.